Knicks are Looking for a Head


After falling just short of a playoff berth, the Knicks finished the season with their hands on their heads. To be honest, I was surprised they even won over thirty games. The Knicks had issues this season, both on and off the court, and this led to the termination of Mike Woodson. I thought Woodson was a good fit for the team after getting rid of Di’Antoni. He brought a playoff caliber team to the playoffs like he should, but this year was different. The whole morale of the team just seemed off from the start.

In comes the mighty Phil Jackson and now the hunt for a new head coach goes on. Steve Kerr is number one on the list for Jackson. This guy has a great resume with tons of experience much like Jackson himself. I believe he’d make a perfect fit to bring the Knicks back into the playoff talk for next season. The likeliness of this actually happening though seems very slim. Kerr is a California resident. He was born there, grew up there, and has a comfortable life. He also is getting offers from both the Lakers and the Warriors. I don’t think money will be enough to convince Kerr to take a job in New York so Jackson is going to have to use some Jedi mind tricks to get him to move across to the east coast, where it is colder, more expensive, and oh yeah fucking colder. At least its not Alaska.

That leaves a big question mark above the Knicks. If we can’t get Kerr, whose going to be the next best thing. Will Mark Jackson be a serious candidate in the running? Jackson had a 52% winning percentage with the Warriors. Thats not bad for a first coaching gig. There is still lots of improvement needed and maybe thats result of his lack of experience in the coaching game. This may not be what the Knicks are looking for. I believe they want a season veteran who can pick up the pieces and put them together. I remember talks earlier in the year after Dukes round one loss in the NCAA tournament that coach Mike¬†Krzyzewski might be looking to take his career else where. Coach K has been one of the most successful college basketball coaches in the history of the NCAA. He brings the Blue Devils back to the tourney time after time. He has already made his mark in the college game maybe he would be interested in making an impact in the NBA now.


In P. Jackson we trust.

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