Not so Yankee Doodle Dandy


2013 has been a tough year for the Yankees. They finished the season at mediocre status and had gathered much criticism and negative attention throughout the year. Just to name a few, they finished fourth in the American League East, had several key players with crucial injuries, the whole A-Rod fiasco, and retired one of the greatest pitchers to put on a Yankees jersey.

That is a lot to take in if you weren’t already aware. Now would be a time for the Yankees to start giving more structure to the team and building around the remaining Yankees who can bring the team back to their winning ways right? Well unfortunately, that is not exactly what the Yankees have been doing this off season. The Yankees have initially lost one of the best, if not the best, offensive threats they had in their possession. Robinson Cano, who led the Yankees last season in, Batting average, home-runs, RBI’s, OBP, and hits, is now a Seattle Mariner. Along with this was the departure of Curtis Granderson to none other than, the Mets. The trade itself is not too much of a shock, but the destination is a bit whacky. Unlike the Yankees the Mets locked down their hit man David Wright with a 7 year $138 million contract extension.

So what have the Yankees done to make up for their losses? A ridiculous and overpriced signing of one Jacoby Ellsbury. If the Yankees are shelling out $153 million the Yankees must see something better than what most think he can produce. As for a replacement for Cano the Yankees had signed an aged Carlos Beltran. I look at this as a cheaper but older form of Cano. He put up similar numbers as Cano last year, but is working toward the end of his career.


To summarize the Yankees recent Off season activity, I say nice try, but no dandy. They may have improved the team a bit, but it is nothing close to what they must do to become the team they once were back in 98′. 

Your Thoughts?