The Knicks are missing the D in their Alphabet


It was suppose to be the big return of the 2013 6th man of the year award winner but in the end it was the Spurs who were celebrating. Not only did the Knicks lose to the Spurs, but they looked like the middle school varsity team from district 6 with their performance on Sunday. Most fans, even Woodson, thought that with the return of JR Smith, the team will be getting a major boost in morale and fight. Sadly it was the complete opposite.

The Knicks started out very poor missing the first of 6 shot attempts and starting with a a 10-0 deficit before the first 3 minutes of the game. Tony Parker as usual took control of the game early on, providing Green with an assist and scoring 5 points of his own. Green also started the game well making the first four of his 3 point attempts. On the Knicks side, well lets just say there was not much to highlight about their offensive play but we can say that JR was more of a hurt than a help to the Knicks. Smith had 4 turnovers and only making 1 out of his 9 shots.

There was no one instant in the game where fans had a glimpse of hope for a comeback as the Spurs held a 10+ lead for a majority of the game. Throughout the game the coverage on offensive threats such as Danny Green and Tony Parker was very poor. Danny Green had at least three wide open three point attempts that he had finished. This could be in result of their main big men being out of the game, recovering from injuries. Both Chandler and Martin were unable to play on Sunday which greatly affected the Knicks defensive ability. Only Stoudemire, who also is coming off a serious injury, was able to provide a source of inside post defense, and he was unable to do the job efficiently.

The big question is, can the Knicks have a successful season without a true healthy center? My opinion is that in order for the Knicks to have any chance against real competition like the Spurs they are going to need a healthy Tyson Chandler and a more discipline defense.

Your Thoughts?