Trout vs. Puig: Who Brings More Heat to L.A


The city of Los Angeles is known for any things and putting on a great show on the baseball field has lately been one of them. L.A is home to two of the most popular MLB teams in the league; the Angels and the Dodgers. It’s funny how two of Major League baseballs brightest stars end up in the same city. Mike Trout of the Angels and Yasiel Puig of the Dodgers, have been putting up all star caliber numbers. Big numbers means a bigger fan base. A bigger fan base means more support and more money towards the team.

The Dodgers happen to be ranked #1 for average number of fan attendance this year. They average about 45,972 fans per game. The Angels do not fall too far behind coming in at 7th overall out of the 30 total teams.

Two of MLB’s greatest young talents but, who is the more remarkable one? Who has shown that he is the main man in the great city of Los Angeles……..? Even with his recent slump, there is no question that I have to give YASIEL PUIG the crown of L.A.

Here’s why….

1.) The Numbers – Yasiel Puig came into the season late. He accumulated 100 games and 382 At Bats.Puig came on to the scene as a nobody. He began making a name for himself after hitting 3 game winning walk off homers and throwing an impossible rocket from deep left field to throw out a man running to third. He ended the season with 19 HR, 44 RBI’s and 66 Runs. He was seen as a super human cuban. Another amazing player growing out of the same roots as Yoenis Cespedes.

2.) Fan Base – Popularity is not a problem with Puig. He is an up and coming player and possibly the next best thing in baseball. His jersey sales ranked third over all under Mariano Rivera and Matt Harvey in the second half of the season. Trouts however came in at number 10, showing that even though he may be loved in L.A, Puig is loved everywhere.

3.) Success – Along with Puig’s reputation for creating great moments comes a long with the success the Dodgers are having. Right now they are ranked #1 in the NL West. The hold a record of 92-70 and have .568 winning percentage. Last year they fell short of first place to the Giants, who eventually won the world series. The Angels sadly, have placed third in their division and are on the edge of losing all playoff hopes.

One thought on “Trout vs. Puig: Who Brings More Heat to L.A

  1. SC21
    October 3, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    Really? No question that the crown belongs to Puig? Ok, well maybe Trout’s second-place MVP finish last year to the Triple Crown winner and his probable MVP or second place finish this year will change your mind? No? Maybe the fact that through 1271 at bats Trout has a .314 career average while, as you mentioned, Puig only has a .319 average through only 382 ABs will change your mind. No? Maybe the fact that Trout led the league in WAR for the second straight year with 9.2 wins above replacement. Puig had 5. As for your “great moments” comment, I’m not sure what you mean. Surely Trout robbing home runs counts as “great moments”? Trout ranked fifth last year in jersey sales after the all-star break. It doesn’t necessarily mean that one player is more marketable than another based on jersey sales from the first year. Puig is a new phenomenon. His jersey sales will likely come down with time. I write this not to attack Puig or challenge his baseball ability. Rather, I write this to plead with you to look at actual statistics and listen to what the professionals say. I love watching Puig and I love the excitement that he brings to the game. Heck, without Puig I wouldn’t have even made the playoffs in my fantasy league, but be honest; Trout is the better baseball player.

    Also, the argument about the team winning is, in my eyes, void. With the highest payroll in the league at north of $220 million, the Dodgers should be making the playoffs every year.

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