Most Unlikely Pro Football Players

Pro Football, it is adored by millions, a sport like none other. Diehard fans are loyal to their teams, and their players, even when those players have turned pro despite the unlikeness of this happening. Here we will take a look at some of the most unlikely pro football players that you probably cheer on during football season.

Tom Brady


He was drafted late in the round, perhaps due to his being slower than most of the other players. However, Brady has stood the test of time and has become one of the best NFL players around. The New England patriots QB has been with the team 11 seasons, helping them make it to several Super Bowls and winning three. He has also won many honors himself, including Super Bowl MVP and most touchdown passes.

Kurt Warner


Kurt Warner was a grocery store sacker after the 1994 draft, a time in which he was not chosen to go pro. He did many things until finally being given the chance in the NFL, including playing with the AFL. He has won a Super Bowl and helped three of his team reach the game on two other occasions.  Warner has played for the St. Louis Rams, NY Giants and the Arizona Cardinals. He has also played with the Packers.

Ray Seals


Ray Seals was a minor league Football player with the Syracuse Express. He made himself a name during this period of play, earning a spot onto the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Seals did not play football in high school nor college. He joined the Buccaneers in 1989, playing with the team for four seasons, then with the Panthers for one season and the Pittsburgh Steelers for two seasons.

Darren Bennett


Darren Bennett is from Australia, and his career began on the West Australian Football League team. He also played with the Australian Football League and the Melbourne Football Club. He was named one of the top 150 players during his streak with these teams. He did not play football in college, and got his break in the NLF while on honeymoon in California and a conversation with the Chargers head coaches. He was with the team for one year without playing, then started as a punter. He was number 2 for punting in his first season. He played a worthwhile career in the NFL during the 90s and is still considered one of the best even today.

Dreams Come True

Despite all of the odds the players above were able to take their goals to the limits and make it to the professional rankings that so many could only dream of reaching. This just goes to show that even when things seem unlikely you can make all of your dreams come true if you are willing to get out there and make it happen. There are many other men who are now playing professionally despite the odds in the NFL who are just as respected as the men listed above.

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