Key Factors in Eagles Making the Playoffs


After an inspirational and action packed season opener, the Eagles have been simmering down after two consecutive loses to both the Chargers and the Chiefs. Chip Kelly’s college style rush offense has been ripping right through NFL caliber defenses. Players are cramping up and playing off fake injuries just to slow down the incredible pace of the eagles offense. No one can stop the eagles offense, except themselves.

After an impressive first two games with only two total turnovers, the Eagles had severely hurt themselves by turning the ball over five times. Could it have been the emotions running through the players as they saw their once beloved coach on the other teams sideline, or have the Eagles just been experiencing some early season hiccups?

Despite their peformance against the Chiefs the Eagles has shown signs of playoff potential.

If they are serious about a shot at the playoffs these are the Key Factors the Eagles must work on in order for this to be a reality.

Michael Vick and Michael Vick

Vick has been having a great start to his season despite a few sloppy plays and the two interceptions he threw last game. He has rushed for over 180 yards already and is on the road to career high seasons. Vick is showing some of his old Atlanta days when he was seen as the fastest quarterback in the game. But Vick’s play has not been all SportsCenter worthy. As we had seen in the game against the Chiefs, he went 13 for 30 and scored a QBR of only 49. Vick playing well is crucial for the Eagles. His style of play is a perfect fit for Chip Kelly’s new implemented offense. Especially with their lack of depth on the bench in the QB position, his health and his ability to come to a game focus is much needed.

Keeping the Pace up

What the Eagles have been doing offensively has been amazing. Chip Kelly has brought his college style offense to life in the NFL. In the first quarter of their season opener verse the Chiefs they average 22.4 seconds between plays. On their first three plays they averaged 18.5 seconds between plays. That is an incredible pace. As the game went on they started to slow down averaging 35.6 seconds between play. If the Eagles can keep the tempo up at the speed they showed in the first quarter of that game consistently, it’ll keep defenses scrambling and defensive coordinators worried out of their skins.


Shady McCoy Stays Healthy

McCoy has been been proving himself to be one of the elite running backs in the game today. Last season he suffered a terrible head injury that has caused him to miss most of last season. Just recently McCoy had seem to irritate his leg on a play where Kansas City linebacker Akeem Jordan fell on it. Luckily McCoy was able to return to the game in the second half and finish off fine. A loss of a player like McCoy would be huge. Although they do have a great back up in Bryce Brown, he is not up to the standards or reliability that they have in Shady. They need to make sure MCCoy stays healthy and does not suffer anymore serious injuries as he is on pace to a career high season performance.




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