Arsenal Have a New Weapon in Ozil


With the time of the transfer period coming to an end, team and managers scramble for last minute trades and player purchases. Not many people expected Arsenal to actually acquire a quality player, or any player at all. With several failed attempts to attract the likes of Wayne Rooney, Luis Suarez and other top prospects, Arsenal seem to be out of luck in the transfer market this off season. This was until they had acquired one of the brightest starts in the La Liga.

Mesut Ozil signed with Arsenal for a fee of 42.5 million euros. This was a hefty fee but, one that was completely worth it. Ozil scored 16 goals and tallied 35 assists last season with Real Madrid in all competitions. Being one of Real’s most important players it didn’t seem likely that he would be for sale to any team but, with the departure of Jose Mourinho came a new manager with a different game plan. Carlos Ancelotti has made clear to Ozil that he may not be a major role in the center for Real anymore. This might have to do with new signing Gareth Bale.

Arsenal have started off the season pretty well. They are recently coming off a 1-0 win over derby rival Tottenham Hotspurs. Although Wenger had failed to strengthen his front line, he certainly has improved his midfield. Arsenal now have more depth in the center than ever with Cazorla Wilshere and now Ozil. With Cazorla’s creative and precise passing and Ozil’s incredible aptitude and athletic ability in the center, Arsenal are sure to be extremely dangerous on the attack.

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