Which Athlete Did it Worse?

As we know sports are not made out of rainbows and friendly unicorns. There are many moments in sports where we as fans are shaking and scratching our heads. Sometimes it is best to just forget these moments and move on but, what is the fun in that? So that is why we are comparing certain instances in sports history to find out Which Athlete Did it Worse?

Ryan Braun vs. Alex Rodriguez- Steroid Scandal


First up is the most recent and highly touted of sports scandals, the P.E.D scandal of the MLB. This time involving none other than Alex Rodriguez and the Hebrew Hammer Ryan Braun.

Now this one can be tough to decipher. Both have made huge names for themselves in the league and both lied out of their you know whats.

Braun’s case: Braun had not only lied to the league but, he lied to everyone of his teammates straight to their faces, behind closed curtains. Teammate Zac Greinke had explained how corrupt Braun really was.

“The main thing is, yeah, he lied to us,” Greinke said. “He forced us to lie for him, threw people under the bus in order to help himself out and didn’t care, blamed others for his mistakes and it’s just a lot of things you don’t expect from people.”

The one thing about Braun’s case though was he did confess up and took the ban because he knew he was backed up into a corner and apologized to the public. Maybe he had no other choice but, he at least did not drag it on.

Rodriguez’s Case: One of the most famous Yankees of all time, Mr.A-rod. This is the second time that the MLB committee has charged Rodriguez with the use of P.E.D’s. Not only did he have the nerve to juice up again, he tried to appeal the case to prove he is innocent so he did not look bad for the fans. Instead of apologizing and admitting for his wrong doings he thought he can lawyer his way out of this big mess. On top of that he had do deal with this the right after he got cleared to play after missing the entire season from injury.

WINNER: Rodriguez – For not only committing a second offense but, for not accepting his the punishment that was dealt to him.


Riley Cooper vs. Roy Hibbert – Controversial Language

Stick and stones may break your bones but, controversial language caught on camera will hurt your career. This is what happened to these two athletes this year and both of them felt the consequences.

Cooper’s Case: Riley Cooper is the typical caucasian who used a word that no white male should be saying, especially yelling at a Kenny Chesney concert on film. After this video leaked the internet Cooper was fired at by media, the NFL,players and fans all over the states. Cooper immediately reacted to the situation by tweeting an apologetic tweet and a public apology everyone offended by the term he used. Yes and this term is the ‘N’ word. The worst part of it all is he knew about the tape and was contacted by the person who had the tape but, Cooper shrugged it off.

Hibbert’s Case: Roy Hibbert had just come off a crucial game 6 verse the Reigning national champs Miami Heat. The fairly young Pacer had slipped a homo sexual slur at an interview after describing a play where he said they “stretched him out too much”. It seems like he was showing the real Roy Hibbert at that interview and the way he is around people when he was not on camera. Hibbert got fined 75k and intially apologized to everyone he offended whether he meant it or not.

WINNER: Cooper – Riley Cooper wins this one on a count that he did not care about what he said until word actually got out that he said this and it was also a term he used towards people.


O.J Simpson vs. Aaron Hernandez – The Murder Scene

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 3.55.07 PM

Two very controversial cases with horrifying stories. One was proven innocent and the other, is still going through the trials. Whether or not you are a pro or no O.J, the fact is these two were both involved in the biggest murder cases of sports history.

O.J’s Case: O.J was the number 1 pick of the 1969 NFL draft. He was most known for his 8 year spur with the Buffalo bills and the murder of his ex wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Lyle Goldman. O.J was charged with first degree murder. This was one of the most controversial cases in sports and american history. The end result was he was found innocent and was set walking free. Whether this was the correct verdict or not, we will not go into the debate. We do know though a few years later he was charged with robbery in the state of Florida.

Hernandez’s Case: Hernandez comes a fourth round pick out of the University of Florida who turned out to be uprising star in the NFL, until he was charged with the murder of friend Odin Lloyd. Hernandez’s trial is still in progress at this moment but, there is much evidence that is leaning directly towards a guilty verdict. Hernandez has been described by many former teammates as a rough edge guy. Hernandez also had pen pal letters addressing how he was an innocent man and how he can’t wait to get out and prove everyone wrong while the evidence of the murder happening was building up.

WINNER: O.J Simpson – O.J’s case has become one of the most famous cases in not only the sports world but, in the history of the judicial system. Many people think he should have been seeing life in prison or even the death penalty.


Luis Suarez vs. Nigel de Jong: Foul Play

There have been some bad challenges in the world of soccer/football but, nothing was worse or more odd than the actions of these two. Which one is worse, the outrageous or the ridiculous, we will have to break it down.

Suarez’s Case: Luis Suarez was on the verge of the making EPL Player of the Year and hving one of the best seasons of his career. Suarez ended the season with 23 goals and a mouth full of Ivanovic. During a game against EPL side Chelsea, Luis Suarez had bitten the arm of defenseman Branislav Ivanovic. This had gone unnoticed in the game but, blatantly caught on camera where he later received a 10 game match ban in the EPL. Although it may not have been a career ending challenge against the defenseman, it was the most outrageous and odd challenges I have ever witnessed.

Nigel de Jong’s Case: It was the 2010 World Cup final of Spain vs. The Netherlands. The midfielder was having a magnificent tournament and was on the verge of winning the all mighty World Cup. The trophy that every soccer player/footballer want to put on their resume. It ended up that De Jong had to cut his game short after doing a karate like kick into Xabi Alonso’s chest. The video speaks for itself.

WINNER: Luis Suarez – Although De Jongs tackle was very malicious, Alonso came out of the challenge alright and Suarez had done something no other player had even attempted…being a cannibal soccer player.


Jerry Sandusky vs. Duke Lacrosse Players – Sex Scandal

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 4.03.08 PM

It may happen that one case involves a former college coach rather than an athlete but, both were involved in sex scandals and violations in the NCAA. One verdict was a false accusation the other a life in prison but, both sex scandals nonetheless.

Duke Lacrosse Players Case: In 2006 three members of the Duke Lacrosse Program were charged with rape by a stripper at a a house party that was held at two of the captains of the teams residence. The end result was that they were falsely accuses after a DNA test and a eye witness who was there at the scene. The Strippers Magnum was never prosecuted for her falsely accusations against the boys.

Jerry Sandusky’s Case: Where should we start with this case. Well Sandusky was a defensive coordinator at Penn State Universities football program. He was reflected as a great man with a good understanding of the game until….he was prosecuted for raping several young children. It seemed that he was letting young kids the chance to get a special tour of the football complex in return of taking advantage of the children in the football locker rooms. The end verdict was life in prison with no parol and as of today, he still has yet to be stabbed in federal prison.

WINNER: Jerry Sandusky – His case was obviously more devastating and heart breaking. His molestation of those innocent kids will never be forgotten and his life in prison sentence was well deserved.


Donald Sloan vs. Chris Paul – Flopapalooza 

Both of these NBA professionals have done something we thought only possible in the game of soccer, blatantly flopping themselves to get a foul called on an opposing player.

Donald Sloan’s Case: Sloan as has not had to ideal career in the NBA. It seems no team really wants to hold on to a him. Maybe it has to do with his ballerina skills and his lack of acting skills. In a game against the Chicago Bulls last season, Sloan had pulled of one of the most original but, unconvincing flops of NBA history. The Cavs were down by 20 points in the fourth quarter with less than 6 minutes to go, even if he did successful land the flop, it wouldn’t have done much to help the Cavs win.

Chris Paul’s Case: Paul can be debated as being the best point guard in the league currently. He has brought not only the Hornets to a winning season but the up and coming L.A Clippers. He shows top class on the court and puts up big numbers in assist although in a game against the Sacramento Kings this season he may not have shown the most class in a flop of the ages. With the game tied up Paul had decided to push off the opposing team in an attempt to grab a personal after a failed possession for the Clippers.

WINNER: Chris Paul – Paul wins this one on the account of the player he is. He is one of the most respected PG’s in the game and then he goes and pulls off a stunt like this!

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